Your top questions answered

How can I make my car battery last longer?
If you don’t use your vehicle very often, we recommend either charging your battery at least once a month or using a solar charger to keep the volts up. This will stop the battery from going flat and sulphate building up, a leading cause of battery failure.

How should I store a battery not in use?
Always store your battery on a bench; never on the floor. Charge the battery for 24 hours every three months with a car charger and this will keep your battery in tip top shape.

How often should I check my car battery?
We recommend having your battery checked every 12 months to help avoid the inconvenience of a flat battery. To remind you, we give you a battery service sticker for your windscreen.

Should I buy a second-hand car battery?
When you buy a second-hand battery, you can’t be sure exactly how much life it has left in it. That’s why we recommend that you always purchase a new battery for your car for reliability and peace of mind.

How can I tell if my car battery is near the end of its life?
Fortunately, in most cases, your battery will give you some sort of warning that it is nearing the end of its life such as a whirring noise or being slow to start. That’s the time to contact us for your FREE battery test! If, however, your battery is over five years old, it can just stop without warning so replacing your battery before it inconveniences you is the best course of action.

How long does it take to test my car battery or truck battery?
Testing batteries in cars or trucks only takes about five mins to determine whether or not it needs replacement. However, testing caravan batteries or ‘deep cycle’ batteries* can take up to 24 hours to test properly.

Can I check the water levels in my battery?
With battery technology constantly changing, the majority of batteries (approx. 90%) available for purchase in today’s marketplace are maintenance-free so you don’t usually need to check water levels. If, however, you are unsure, please contact us directly for advice.

Are rechargeable batteries better than single-use batteries?
Rechargeable batteries can be expensive when you first purchase them; however, they perform most effectively in ‘high-drain’ devices. Regular batteries are best used for devices used intermittently such as a television remote control.

Can batteries be recycled?
Yes, most batteries are 99% recyclable. Battery Zone offers a FREE drop off service for all types of batteries for recycling.

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