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Roadside Services & Battery Replacement

Roadside services and free battery roadside replacement are within Pakenham or 5km of store. Applies during our normal working hours stated on our contact page. Battery Zone will replace the existing battery with a suitable replacement battery and fit the battery to your vehicle, if a suitable battery if not available, we will endeavor to fit a temporary battery. Where the replacement is not due to a defective battery being provided by Battery Zone then the cost of a new battery applies.

Free battery roadside replacement applies to batteries purchased from Battery Zone. For particular vehicles, battery replacement and fitting may not be available and charges may apply.

Some batteries and accessories are hard to fit; however, we are here to help and can provide fitment and installation of your purchase. Some fitments can take longer than expected so there may be an additional charge for this service.

To find out which vehicles these may apply to, please contact us at 03 5940 1364.

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Swallowing can lead to chemical burns, perforation of soft tissue, and death. Severe burns can occur within 2 hours of ingestion.

Seek medical attention immediately if swallowed, or placed in any part of the body.
Wrap used batteries in sticky tape – Recycle or dispose of immediately.