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At Batteryzone we offer FREE battery testing, we recommend having your battery tested every 12 months! Even if your battery is only 1 year old!

Batteries are out of site, and out of mind! Let’s face it, batteries are not very exciting, are they? But without them, you can get into big trouble! What is a car or Truck without batteries! Useless!!

Over the years we have been replacing car and truck batteries we have had some customer break down in all sort of awkward locations, let me share some of them with you.

  1. Mc Donald’s drive-thru
  2. Stuck at a set of traffic lights
  3. At the shopping centre
  4. Getting fuel

Its Murphy’s law, you will always get stuck on the way to an important meeting or on the way to the airport! Or even at night some ware horrible.

We are not saying we can stop this from happening to you BUT! We can defiantly tell you when its time to change your battery.

So, for NO HASSLE DRIVING contact Battery Zone Pakenham today for your FREE no obligation battery test. or 5940 1364

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